Practice Appraisal & Mediation

PAM is a collaborative of professionals experienced in the consulting needs of the ophthalmic community.  The range of expertise includes a wide spectrum of specialized training and knowledge to facilitate all areas of impasse and dispute resolution that requires negotiation and consultative services.  PAM has geographic presence and capabilities throughout the continental United States.

PAM  professionals can be of assistance at any point in your situation, ranging from how to begin the process to the successful conclusion of negotiations and creation of final agreements. Our staff of professional consultants can facilitate the process anytime the need should arise.
Successful Experience The Advantages
Divorce Litigation Cost Savings
Valuation Disputes Experience
Lease Negotiations Time Efficiency
Contract Disputes Privacy
Partnership Formation On-going Relationship
Partnership Dissolution Resolution Finality
Appraisal Client Concern
Court Testimony

Commonly Requested Services (but not limited to) of PAM
Contracts for
Purchase and sale
Disputes involving
Partnership dissolution
Valuation settlement for divorce
Valuation settlement for estates
Financing arrangements

Prominent Features of PAM

  • No high brokerage fees

  • Many practice brokers and consultants will charge from 6% to 12% upon the sale of a practice.  We charge our clients exclusively for consultative services on a fee-for-service basis by prior agreement.
  • No high Appraisal fees

  • We offer simple inexpensive opinion papers up to fully supported reports when requested.  When required we will review and comment upon previously performed appraisals at our customary hourly rate.
  • Representation

  • We represent either one party (buyer or seller single payer) or both parties as neutral (each party splits fee 50-50).
  • Collaboration

  • To insure the best interests of our clients when necessary we will include specialized expertise from an attorney on pertinent legal issues or an accountant on relevant financial and tax issues.
  • Expertise

  • Unrivaled Experience within the ophthalmic industry.
To better serve our clients and facilitate understanding of our services we have prepared answers to commonly asked questions.  A detailed curriculum vitae of prior clients served is available upon request. 

Getting Started with PAM

After reviewing the introductory descriptive package recieved in the mail, it is not uncommon to have additional qestions regarding our services.  If you simply call our  marketing office at 1.800.869.9590, a consultant will be assigned to contact you in order to answer all your questions and direct you to the PAM professional with the expertise most suited to address your specific situation.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation

Shortly after your initial inquiry, a PAM consultant will contact you at which time you can describe your present situation. The PAM  professional will outline how we can best serve your needs and give you an estimate of the time and fees involved. At that point should you wish to proceed, you will be sent additional information, asked to complete and submit the Practice Characteristics and Projections Questionnaire in order to start the process.


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