Equestrian Center

Spring Break 2001 proved to be an exciting and fun adventure.  And we took the time to take photos of the journey.  Hope you enjoy!
The adventure starts with an overnight stay in Pennsylvania.
(l to r):  Sweetie, Amber, Digger, Blaise, Traudi, and Tankie

(l to r):  Mac and Diane

Cross-country in the shadow of the mountains in Virginia. 
Sweetie takes the jump as Mac and a couple of our Penmerryl 
Equestrian Centre friends watch the action.
Couldn't get enough of jumping...it continued in the ring
Tankie and Traudi take flight.
Friends we made.
This little fella we couldn't help but fall in love with as he always greeted us with a whinnie 'Hello' when we walked by.
Some fun stuff...
As Sweetie and Tankie enjoyed their version of fun - enjoying the fresh Virginia grass, their two-legged buddies decided to find fun of their own.

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